Hearing that the Vice President, Kamala Harris, would spare a visit to El Paso, Texas on Friday, to observe herself the situations at the border, a group of protesters waited outside of the Border Patrol station for her arrival. 

President Joe Biden had tasked harris in March to resolve the unprecedented influx of migrants at the border induced by the new administration’s policies about illegal migrants. Still, it was not until this Friday on June 25, that she finally made a physical appearance at the border to witness the chaos herself. 

Harris had been routinely derided for her procrastination in coming to the border, a move that an official at her post with her responsibility should have done the moment she was tasked with the job. 

Outside of the Border Patrol station in the early morning of Harris’ visit, the protesters brandished signs that spelled out the problems that piled up with the massive amount of illegal migrants at the border: “Kamala, do you hear their screams?” “Que Mala [how mean] Harris for human trafficking,” “God bless our border patrol,” and “how many little girls need to be raped for this to be a crisis?”

It is known that among the massive amount of illegal aliens at the border that the patrol agents could detain, some were identified as sex criminals and potential terrorists. Unaccompanied minors stacked up in custody were also subjected to sexual harassment or may have suffered from such situations during their journey to cross the border, as reported here.

The signs also came amid several pro-Trump messages, such as “Trump won” and “Latinos for Trump 2020,” advocating their belief in the former President’s 2020 election claims.

The former President Donald Trump was known for his strict handling of illegal migrants, who during his tenure already warned of human trafficking problems, drug smugglings, potential terrorists, and impaired job opportunities for American citizens if indulgence of those who want to enter the U.S. territory without legal assessment continues.

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