Election officials said on Wednesday, Oct. 14, that about 29,000 residents of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, received ballots from others due to an error at the printer and distributor company, the Daily Caller reported. 

The problem was the result of a ballot image mapping error by Midwest Direct, the company hired to handle the printing.

The new ballots for Allegheny County’s 28,879 voters will be mailed again and full delivery is estimated for Oct. 19, Wpxi.com reported.

The error occurred in a Sept. 28 print batch, and about 20 of the people who received the incorrect ballots alerted election authorities.

As a measure to prevent similar incidents, authorities will implement an online registry so that voters can not only track their ballots but also verify if they have been impacted by any error.

“Within the next 24 hours, the Elections Division will have a search feature available on its webpage that will allow voters, using their name or voter ID number, to determine if they are part of the impacted batch. In the interim, voters may use the state’s online ballot tracker to look up when their ballot was mailed. It can be found in the column ‘Ballot Mailed On,’” said the Division of Elections.

However, it will be 21 days or three weeks from the time the error occurred to the tentative date that it could be corrected, on Oct. 19. This presents a very discouraging picture because as of next week, if this error occurs again, the number of people who might not be able to vote nationwide is terrifying.

More problems for Pennsylvania

In a Breitbart report also from Wednesday, Oct. 14, it was reported that a United States Postal Service (USPS) employee discarded bags full of mail at the corner of his home in Baldwin, Pennsylvania. 

“USPS Office of Inspector General Special Agents recovered several different classes of mail, including business mail, flats, and small amount of first-class mail,” Special Agent Scott Balfour told CNN in a statement. “We expect to perform a piece count of the mail today, and make arrangements to have the mail delivered to customers as soon as feasible.”

A similar incident occurred in New Jersey, where a man identified as Nicholas Beauchene was arrested for discarding 99 ballots and other pieces of mail.

Last week, about 50,000 ballots also went astray, going to incorrect recipients because of a scanning problem at the company in charge of printing.

The sum of all these incidents raises serious questions and concerns for Americans to have a safe and tamper-free election.

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