A pro-life exhibit raising awareness about the deaths of more than 62 million babies killed by abortions since the implementation of Roe v. Wade was vandalized by pro-abortion students, according to Young America’s Foundation (YAF).

The event occurred on the campus of Pepperdine Christian University in California, and YAF shared on Twitter a series of videos showing the moment when young progressives removed the material from the exhibit and put pro-abortion captions.

This Tuesday, the pro-life group at Pepperdine University placed 620 crosses, one for every 100,000 aborted children, and a poster reading “Lives taken by abortion since Roe v. Wade,” on the university’s Freedom Wall.

After a few hours, young pro-abortion progressives began taking down some crosses, others were turning them over, and they also started putting up signs reading “No uterus no opinion” or “Vasectomies prevent abortion.”

In the following video they ask one of the students who were removing the crosses, the reason why she was taking out the crosses in a Christian school. her answer was: “Because I’m not a Christian.”

Another student can also be seen in this video pointing to a pro-abortion sign they had put up on the billboard to cover the crosses and saying “Go ahead and rip it down if you want, but the one beneath it will go down too.”

Other signs used by the vandals read “God does not support the legislation of women’s bodies” or “My body my choice” accompanying the image of a uterus and other messages.

Spencer Lindquist, president of the Pepperdine College Republicans, spoke to YAF and recounted his disappointment with the events inside the college.

“It’s unfortunate and telling that some on our campus decided to desecrate a memorial to 62 million aborted babies by obscuring our message with used hygiene products, removing and covering up our display, and even turning crosses upside down.”

He also called on the university authorities to take advantage of this situation and to defend the freedom of expression of conservative and Christian students, which is often under attack.

 At the same time he believes that if the university does not condemn what happened, many students, alumni, students, etc., will lose their confidence that Christian values are respected in the institution.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that pro-life ideas have been attacked in American universities. In early September, a Young Americans for Freedom activist was beaten at Iowa State University. 

After being beaten, the young man was robbed and a pro-life sign he was carrying was vandalized.

The victim was carrying a sign reading “Abortion = Murder” during an abortion awareness event and was planning to discuss the issue with other students at the university.

After the incident, the assaulted student told YAF, “People don’t know how to react or hold a discussion in a polite manor when discussing abortion.”
These types of acts do nothing but provoke self-censorship among young conservatives, according to a 2019 survey conducted by YAF’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise, 46% of these students self-censor in the classroom.

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