New York federal judge Lewis Kaplan found that Virginia Giuffre’s sexual abuse claim against Prince Andrew is valid, and for that reason denied the mistrial requested by Prince Andrew. 

Kaplan ruled, “Ms Giuffre’s complaint is neither ‘unintelligible’ nor ‘vague’ nor ‘ambiguous.’ It alleges discrete incidents of sexual abuse in particular circumstances at three identifiable locations. It identifies to whom it attributes that sexual abuse,” according to The Guardian of Jan. 12. 

Thus, considering each of the three arguments used by Andrew to dismiss the lawsuit already besieging him, Kaplan explains the legal grounds on which he relies to give continuance to the lawsuit against the defendant.

Another argued that Giuffre had signed an agreement with child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile who introduced her to Andrew, that she would refrain from suing people connected to that human trafficking ring, but Kaplan determined that the arrangement did not protect the defendant.

Likewise, Andrew’s legal team alleged that the New York Child Victims Act, on which Giuffre’s lawyers based their lawsuit, did not apply to Andrew, as it was considered unconstitutional, to which Kaplan expressed that this claim “has no merit”.

Additionally, Andrew categorically denied having met Giuffre, and said that on the day she claimed she had been sexually abused he was with his daughter at the Pizza Express restaurant in Woking, London, which he could not prove. 

At this stage of the trial, it was only determined that the arguments presented by the plaintiff are valid to support her claims, while the eventual veracity of the same will be resolved by the jury at the next stage. 

For his part, Giuffre’s attorney, David Boies, said that his defendant “has been on a campaign to try to expose sex trafficking and the evils of sexual abuse.”

In this regard, author Rachel K. Paulose wrote, “Wednesday’s ruling is a significant step forward in the battle to recognize human trafficking as a scourge upon humanity.”

She added: “If Ms. Giuffre’s allegations against Jeffrey Epstein and his cohort are true, no person, not even a prince, should be beyond the reach of the long arm of the law.”

Epstein, on the other hand, pleaded guilty in 2008 to state prostitution charges, and then, in July 2019, was indicted again for continued sex trafficking of minors, but died by suicide in prison under suspicious circumstances.

Then Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s former girlfriend and apparent accomplice to the same crimes, was arrested in 2020. Her recent trial found her guilty of 4 of the charges against her, including sex trafficking of a minor and conspiracy.

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