President Donald Trump warned Iran you “better be careful” after Tehran said Sunday, July 7, that it was pushing for uranium enrichment beyond the limits set out in the 2015 nuclear deal, as reported by VOA.

“Better be careful,” the president told reporters when he left Morristown, New Jersey, for Washington.

While he did not describe any specific reaction that his government was considering, he reiterated the position, “Iran will never have a nuclear weapon.”

Hours earlier, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted that Iran’s decision will lead to “more isolation and sanctions.”

“Nations must restore the long-standing standard of non-enrichment for Iran’s nuclear program. Iran’s nuclear-armed regime would pose an even greater danger to the world,” Pompeo wrote.

Britain urged Iran to “stop and revert immediately” all actions that are inconsistent with the agreement, according to which it accepted restrictions on its nuclear program in exchange for relief from economic sanctions.

For its part, France said Iran’s move was a “violation” of the international pact.

Russia and China have also opposed Iran’s breach of the agreement.

“Within a few hours,” Iran will resume uranium 235 enrichment at a purity level of more than 3.67%, Behruz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for the Iranian atomic energy organization, told the press, without specifying the new level.

Reports on Iran say officials can increase enrichment to 5%, enough to produce fuel for nuclear power plants, but still well below the 90% needed to build a nuclear weapon. The current limit under the nuclear agreement is 3.67%.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Uranium enrichment occurs for one reason and only for one reason: it is for the creation of atomic bombs.”

Trump withdrew the United States from the nuclear deal last year and reimposed sanctions on Iran.

The ayatollah’s regime abandoned part of the nuclear deal and threatened to increase uranium enrichment unless the remaining signatories of the 2015 agreement (Britain, China, France, Germany, and Russia) grant sanctions relief and more economic aid.

Iranian regime leader Hassan Rouhani said last week that they were prepared to enrich “any amount we want” beyond the 3.67% level.

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