President Donald Trump, on Monday, Aug. 31, suggested that “some very stupid rich people” are fundraisers of violent riots that occurred on the last event of the Republican National Convention outside of the White House last week and across the country.

The president told Laura Ingraham during an interview on “The Ingraham Angle” that “people you’ve never heard of, people in the dark shadows” may be financially backing the left’s activism.

“The money is coming from some very stupid rich people [who] have no idea that if their thing ever succeeded, which it won’t, they will be thrown to the wolves like you’ve never seen before,” he said.

The president’s comments came as Republican officials urged Attorney General William Barr and the Justice Department to ratchet up an investigation into who is funding the violent rioters, reported Just The News.

“Law enforcement needs to look at the funding of violent criminal activity like this. And national Democrats need to confront it. It’s organized. It’s paid for. It’s violent. It’s not about black lives or any lives; it’s about anarchy and destruction,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) wrote in a Fox News op-ed on Saturday. He and his wife were assaulted by a mob of left-wing demonstrators while leaving the president’s nominating convention acceptance speech on Thursday night.

Paul’s wife, Kelley, recalled the incident during an interview with Tucker Carlson, saying that it was “terrifying” and I “felt completely powerless.”

“In that moment, it was a bloodthirsty mob, and all I could think of was the man who was kicked in the head in Portland … or the man whose jaw was broken [in Kenosha] or 8-year-old Secoriea Turner. I really thought we were going to lose our lives, I thought someone was going to throw a brick. It was the most terrifying moment of my entire life,” she added.

Investigating funding of rioters

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) also appealed for the DOJ to take action to stop the riots plaguing U.S. cities for months following the death of George Floyd. The mayhem has resulted in arson, looting, and destruction across the nation.

“The Justice Department needs to open an investigation into who is funding these violent riots,” Buck tweeted.

On Monday, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said that he talked to Barr about the investigation.

The DOJ is investigating the fundraisers and organizers “that are paying for these individuals to move across the country.”

“They are organized. We have seen similar tactics being used from Portland and other cities across the country as well,” Wolf said.

Wolf said his department is assisting the DOJ and the FBI to expedite the probe.

“We are making sure that the investigations that we are involved in, we are getting that information over to the FBI, to those criminal investigators that are doing their job,” he added.

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