President Donald Trump stopped his speech for some minutes during his campaign rally in Florida on Tuesday, Nov. 26, to instruct doctors and firefighters to assist a person in the crowd in need of help at the BB&T Center. 

While President Trump was speaking about how his administration is fighting against drug smuggling at the borders, he suddenly paused to point out a person who was some feet in front of him and perhaps in some kind of medical distress.

“Are you okay?” the president asked the man, before calling doctors to help him.

“He’s strong,” President Trump continued, and then thanked the man for coming  to the rally and his support.

President Trump suddenly pauses his rally speech to get help for a man in need of medical assistance, on Nov. 26, 2019. (Screenshot/Fox 10 Phoenix)

The president’s action sparked applause from the crowd who also clapped to encourage the sufferer.

President Trump reminded everyone that a lot of people have been present waiting for the rally event for two and a half days, so they might have problems with their health.

The president described the man as a “tough guy.”

“That’s the man I asked the question to before and he gave me a good answer,” he said.

The firefighters rescue the man in need of help during President Trump’s campaign rally in Florida, on Nov. 26, 2019. (Screenshot/Fox 10 Phoenix)

When the firefighters took the man out for treatment, President Trump told him, “Come back when you’re feeling better, okay? Come back!”

The president also did not forget to say “Thank you” to the firefighters for the great job they did before he turned back to his rally speech.

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