Almost two weeks after the start of the audit of ballots used for the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County, Arizona, the Department of Justice (DOJ) sent a letter questioning the procedures followed in the investigation.

In this regard, DOJ Civil Rights Division Senior Assistant Attorney General Pamela Karlan looks for indications of violations of federal law in her letter to state Senate President Karen Fann, a Republican senator, according to Business Insider, on May 6. 

In her letter, Karlan argues that the involvement of the team conducting the audit, Cyber Ninjas, could be illegal, and federal election records may not be being adequately safeguarded and preserved, which could be “at risk of damage or loss.”

It also questions the Cyber Ninjas’ goal to “identify voter registrations that did not make sense” and then knocking on doors to confirm whether valid voters actually lived at the stated address, presuming possible “voter intimidation.”

The audit, which is taking place at a sports stadium in Phoenix, is being conducted by Cyber Ninjas, a private firm. Since its inception, Democrats have tried in various ways to interfere with the proceedings, which were authorized by a judge. 

The former president himself, Donald Trump, denounced some strategies of the Democrats against the audit, which did not prosper.

“Over 100 Democrat lawyers were sent to fight against this audit,” Trump said, adding, “The results will be very interesting for the USA and the World to see!” the alternative media Becker News quotes him as saying. 

“Why are the Democrats fighting so hard to hide the facts?” added Trump. “I know why, and so does everyone else.”

According to author Kyle Becker, the DOJ may also soon intervene by “hiding the facts” of the 2020 election, “despite it being constitutionally questionable to intervene in a state election process.”

In fact, the Biden administration has been opposed to election audits and election integrity laws, such as those passed in Georgia and Texas, which most Americans support. 

Given this background, the DOJ could be using the letter sent to Senator Fann as the first step in what would later become an “attack on the Constitution,” possibly challenging the audit results.

For many voters, the results could represent proof that the elections were interfered with, violating Americans’ right to electoral integrity. 

For her part, Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward explained that Democrats have nothing to worry about in terms of the integrity of the materials being analyzed. 

“There are not only 9 cameras in the arena, as you see on the website, and as the Democrats like to claim. There are actually dozens, dozens of private security cameras focused on the tables, on the counters, on the boxes of ballots, and on the machine evaluation areas. There’s no room or tolerance for error,” she said.

Also, journalists can take notes and take photographs and videos of the audit, as long as they do not include images of individual ballots.