According to the latest Zogby Analytics survey, 67 percent of voters said that they “believe the Democrats are more interested in impeaching the president as opposed to passing legislation that will help Americans,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Pollster Jonathan Zogby said that a majority of Democrats, 53 percent, believe the same.

“This feeling of politics first permeated a majority of every subgroup: all felt that Democrats in Congress were more concerned with impeaching the president rather than passing legislation that helps Americans,” Pollster Jonathan Zogby said.

“Latest survey to show that the Democratic drive to impeach the president today has done little to expand their base or drive up Trump’s approval numbers.” Washington Examiner reported.

According to analysis from Pollster Jonathan Zogby, “The overall numbers were resounding when it came to how subgroups felt about the nature of House Democrats using impeachment for political purposes. Majorities of men (69%), women (65%), younger voters aged 18-29 (54%), Latinos (56%), African Americans (61%), Independents (67%), and suburban voters (67%) all felt Democrats in Congress were more interested in impeachment rather than passing important legislation.”

As reported earlier, a poll from giant pollster Gallup released on Wednesday, Dec. 18, just hours before the House voted President Trump, found that his job approval rating has up 6 percentage points since the impeachment inquiry from Democrat started.

The poll found President Trump’s approval rating at 45 percent, up from 39 percent when the official impeachment inquiry began in September. The new numbers show the third increase in a row in approval rating for the president, Gallup asserted.

Regarding impeachment, “Gallup’s new poll found that 51 percent of respondents say they oppose impeachment and removing Trump from office, an increase of 5 percentage points since the Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced the impeachment inquiry into the president’s dealings with Ukraine. By contrast, 46 percent of respondents now support impeachment and removal, down 6 points,” the Hill reported.

In multiple recent polls show that the majority of voters oppose impeachment. USA Today poll found 56% oppose, Quinnipiac poll showed 51% oppose, CNN poll found 49% oppose while 46% support impeachment. Suffolk University/USA Today poll found President Trump surging over his Democratic rivals. 

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