Most Americans from across the political spectrum now see China as the biggest threat to the United States, marking a big change from 2018, according to a new survey by the Ronald Reagan Institute.

The survey results show that more than half of the American people consider China as the biggest danger.

When asked which country is the biggest threat to the United States, 52% said it is China, and 14% said Russia.

The consent comes along partisan lines, but Republicans are more worried about China than Democrats. The poll shows 64% of Republican respondents said China is their top concern, followed by Democrats and Independents at 44% each.

According to the same survey conducted in 2018, only 21% of respondents said China is their top threat, while 30% pointed to Russia.

Later surveys showed that more and more Americans were starting to see China as the top threat, with nearly 30% thought so in October 2019, then almost 40% said that in February.

In 2021, many Democrats changed their view of China. The 44% figure in the most recent survey marked a sharp increase from just 20% in February.

The survey shows that Americans are beginning to realize the multifaceted nature of their Chinese adversary.

The survey asked about the biggest concern about China, 20% of the respondents noted China’s economic and commercial activities, 19% said it was military development, and 17% said it is China’s human rights violations. 

On this issue, there is a difference between the two parties. Republicans are more likely to prioritize military development, while Democrats emphasize human rights violations.

The survey also found a bipartisan consent, 43% of Republicans and 37% of Democrats, that the U.S. should focus its military forces on East Asia rather than the Middle East.

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