On Sept. 19, authorities raided two of the clinics in which Dr. Ulrich Klopfer performed abortions of late-term babies.

Dr. Klopfer died Sept. 3 and the investigation began after 2,246 bodies of aborted babies were found in his home in Will County, Illinois. Fox59 reported that officials found several boxes containing medical documents in the clinics, but not human remains.

“At this point I can tell you that there are no fetal remains here,” said St. Joseph County Attorney Ken Cotter. A vacant lot near the South Bend clinic was searched, but the dogs found nothing.

The clinics in South Bend and Fort Wayne, Indiana, are closed, but the facilities were searched as part of the investigation into the macabre discovery of baby corpses.

The doctor specializing in late-term abortions practiced in cities in different counties in northern Indiana, near Chicago, including Gary, where he also had another clinic. It was not reported whether the facility in this city would be raided.

“The grisly discovery of these fetal remains at the Illinois home of a deceased abortion doctor shocks the conscience. Further, we have reason to believe there is an Indiana connection to these remains,” said Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, quoted by US.News.

It is still a mystery how the dead bodies of the babies ended up at Dr. Klopfer’s home in Illinois while his clinics were in Indiana, nor is it clear how they had been preserved or why they were in his possession.

“He is likely Indiana’s most prolific abortion doctor in history with numbers going into the tens of thousands of procedures in multiple counties over several decades,” says a report in the South Bend Tribune of Aug. 26, 2016.

Dr. Klopfer’s license was suspended in 2016 due to irregularities in the practice of his profession. Since the same year an Indiana law requires the burial or cremation of fetal remains after an abortion.

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