Warning: The video in this story below is extremely graphic and may disturb some viewers.

Plea deals are being suggested for the two teenage girls who have been charged with the carjacking and murdering of an Uber Eats driver outside of Nationals Park in Washington D.C. 

The victim was identified as Mohammad Anwar, a 66-year-old husband and father who was thrown  from his Honda Accord as the teenagers tasered him before the car crashed. The incident resulted in serious injuries to Anwar, who passed away after being rushed to hospital. This collision transpired on March 23, the girls’ arrest was announced soon later on the same day by the DC Police Department.

The footage showed that one of the teenagers was seen rambling for her cellphone which supposedly was still in the crashed car that crashed. She could be seen walking by the victim’s body in an unwavering manner. 

Many observing the case have called for the girls to be charged as adults. Officials decided that their age must be counted in the process. 

“In all kinds of way in D.C at least, juveniles are treated differently,” D.C. Criminal Defense Attorney Nikki Lotze stated.

In the second court appearance that the girls attended, The Washinton Post reported that in the “next day or two”, plea bargains would be presented to the attorneys.

Commander Ramey Kyle of D.C. Police Department told FOX 5 that the younger girl already had a history of carjacking  committed in January, which also resulted in her arrest. The outlet also discovered that it may not have been the only record of the girl’s criminal background. 

According to Fox 5, D.C. laws protected juveniles of age 13 from being tried as adults, and the D.C Attorney General’s Office can only petition for a case to be moved to the adult court if the suspect were at least 15 years old. 

The footage recorded by a witness at the scene has been watched by millions around the world. Anwar’s family continues to earn support and condolence from many people. Fox 5 declared that the deceased victim’s GoFundMe account has received more than $1,000,000 worth of donation. 

Here is the footage of the collision, please consider carefully before you watch it:

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