A Democratic state representative from Pennsylvania, Christopher Rabb, has introduced a bill that would force men to have a vasectomy six weeks after having their third child when they reach the age of 40. 

According to Rabb, the proposal is in response to the Texas heartbeat law that prohibits abortions after six weeks.

He argues that his bill is a mimic of the Texas law.

Under Rabb’s proposal, men—whom he calls “inseminators”—will be fined ten thousand dollars for not submitting to forced sterilization at 40 or after the third child, whichever comes first.

It also explains that it will redefine the concept of “unwanted pregnancy” to include people who “have demonstrated negligence” in preventing pregnancy during sexual intercourse.

“This legislation will allow Pennsylvanians to take #civilaction against inseminators for unwanted #pregnancies who wrongfully conceive a child with them,” the Democratic representative wrote on Twitter.

Finally, the proposal, in the same way that Texas offers rewards to people who report clinics and people who help women get an abortion after six weeks, will offer the same amount of money, ten thousand dollars, to those who report “offenders.”

Rabb, in describing his bill, included among the people who can get pregnant—transgender men.

“As long as legislators continue to restrict the #ReproductiveRights of cis women, trans men & non-binary folx, there should be laws to address the responsibility of men who impregnate them!” the representative said on Twitter.

According to Breitbart, Rabb noted that the legislation is inspired by Illinois state Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D), who, according to the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus, introduced a similarly structured bill related to domestic violence.

“The bill introduced by Cassidy in Illinois would allow a person to bring a civil action against anyone who commits an act of domestic violence or sexual assault, as well as anyone who causes an unintended pregnancy or any person who enables those acts,” the caucus said in an Oct. 4 statement.

The Pennsylvania legislature has a Republican majority, so the Democrat said his introduction was to generate debate around men’s responsibility for unwanted pregnancies and that he purposely designed the law satirically to Texas’ pro-life laws.

Rabb also said he received both support and opposition and even threats.

“Within hours of its circulation of this memo, I have received some of the most hateful and threatening emails and voicemails over my five years in office,” Rabb said. “But I have also received the affirmation and support of people in and far beyond my district who hold reproductive rights sacrosanct — not to mention people who see the value in satire to raise awareness around serious issues such as this.”

Laws of Communist China

Republican Rep. David Rowe of the same legislature posted a comment on his Facebook account, criticizing the bill as legislation that could only happen under a dictatorship like China’s.

“A legislator from Philadelphia has just introduced legislation that would limit how many children your family could have, dictate what age you could have a family, and would issue a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR REWARD for turning in someone who refused to submit to forced sterilization after having three children. As a fourth-born child myself, I would have never existed under this law and neither would so many others,” Rowe wrote.

“This bill will never see the light of day as long as Republicans control the House, but I wanted you all to be aware how quickly policies that belong in Communist China would become the norm here if Democrats seized total control of State Government,” the Rowe assured in his post.

In an initial post, Rowe said that the Democrats attempted to lower the tone of the bill after the backlash by saying it was meant to be satirical when the initial memo did not include such a term.

“In full damage control mode, the House Democratic Caucus has made a statement about one of their member’s forced sterilization bill, and that statement is…. “Just kidding!” Rowe said.

“This rapid backpedal comes over 48 hours AFTER this bill was first announced and faced international criticism by both sides of the aisle,” he added.

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