A Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, health official claims that Mennonite and Amish communities have achieved herd immunity against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus.

Parish Medical Center administrator Allen Hoover stated that up to 90% of families in the county’s Amish and Mennonite communities had had at least one family member sick with the CCP virus, indicating that the pathogen has been present in this group of people.

As of late April 2020, these communities resumed their usual religious activities, sharing cups at communion and offering holy kisses as greetings, and while Pennsylvania last week recorded 14 new deaths and more than 2500 cases of infection, Hoover said the parish medical center has not had a patient with symptoms of the CCP virus in about six weeks.

Infectious disease experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci said that more than 90% of the population has to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. Therefore, some epidemiologists reject the idea that these communities have achieved natural immunity, as only 8% of them have received the vaccine.

However, there are several examples of localities having achieved herd immunity without resorting to vaccines, such as the case of the towns of Bergamo, Brescia, and Cremona in the province of Lombardi, Italy.

Also, many people continue to test positive after vaccination, i.e., even though they do not show symptoms, they can continue to infect others, which raises even more doubts about Dr. Fauci’s claims.

In any case, before vaccines’ existence, herd immunity was achieved naturally by the human immune system, which can generate antibodies upon contact with the pathogen without the need for a vaccine.

Freedom versus restriction

While some states—notably Democrat-run states like New York—and even counties have resorted to strict lockdown measures to combat CCP virus contagions, but failed to successfully mitigate the spread of the virus or not at least compared to others.

On the other hand, Republican leaders like Ron DeSantis of Florida or Kristi Noem of South Dakota, with a more libertarian outlook, maintained minimal restrictions in their jurisdictions until more recently when they lifted them altogether.

The difference? In September 2020, Florida reported 37,000 positive cases while New York reported nearly 53,000 cases, even considering that New York only has just over 19 million people versus Florida’s 21 million.

The gap stretched even further at the end of last year when New York reported nearly twice as many cases as Florida when the state was already completely free of restrictions.

Also, the CDC itself reported last year that 99% of the people who had the Chinese virus survived and that 94% of the people who died had pre-existing conditions and were over the age of 65.