Ibrahim bin Laden, Osama bin Laden’s brother, has put his long-time Bel Air property on the market for $28 million.

In 1983, Ibrahim paid $1,653,000 for the Mediterranean villa-style estate, according to property records—roughly $5.5 million after 38 years of devaluation.

The concrete and pink-painted mansion, built in 1931, and located in the famous lower Bel-Air neighborhood, is 7,100 square feet in size and sits on more than 2 acres of property, with seven bedrooms and five bathrooms.

The Hotel Bel-Air and the Bel-Air Country Club are just a short walk away from the Bel Air property positioned in the area’s poshest neighborhood.

Ibrahim has not lived in the house since the Sept. 11 attacks. He was on holiday in another country at the time and never came back to the United States, frightened of the publicity his surname would create.

“Ready for redoing, owner has not been here for over 20 years,” said the listing according to the New York Post.

According to Steve Coll’s book, “The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century,” Ibrahim employed “full-time groundskeepers, household help, chauffeurs, and private security” while living there with his ex-wife, Christine Hartunian Sinay, and his daughter Sibba Hartunian.

Two Rolls Royces and a Lamborghini were also parked in the garage, though Bin Laden would occasionally rent other expensive cars in order not to drive his cherished Silver Spurs in the rain.

According to his statement, Ibrahim, a former University of Southern California student who “never worked a day in [his] life,” rented out the house, which was said to be used to make porn movies in 2010.

Despite its neglected state, the property’s pricing is rooted in “land value only” and location.

The home’s interiors were not shown in the present listing; nevertheless, given the deteriorated state of the grounds, it’s reasonable to infer the construction is not in perfect condition. However, the swimming pool and spa seem to be well-kept.

The real estate was held by golden age Hollywood producer Arthur Freed during the 1960s. It was rebuilt in the late 1970s by John Elgin Woolf, the so-called king of Hollywood Regency.

Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, a Saudi Arabian construction tycoon who was the patriarch of the multibillionaire bin Laden family, has extensive commercial links to the Al Saud royal family. Ibrahim and Osama were his children.

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