Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), noted the great reception President Donald Trump’s supporters gave him in Cleveland, Ohio, on Aug. 6 and predicted the state’s voters would make him a big winner in the November election.

“There were people from the airport to the Whirlpool plant, people lining the highway, Trump flags, Trump banners, Trump hats, it was great to see,” Jordan enthusiastically reported according to Fox News.

Betting the house on President Trump

Jordan went so far as to say that he would bet his house that his state would make a definitive contribution to the election results, despite some contrary signs in the polls.

Trump won in Ohio over Democratic candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, by 8 percent in 2016.

In the next election, Jordan believes that Trump’s advantage over his opponent, Joe Biden, will be even greater.

Likewise, Jordan highlighted Trump’s management in favor of the family and the American worker.

“This president is Ohio manufacturing and American manufacturing’s best friend. … It’s about the trade policy, his willingness to stand up to China, to stand up for the American family, the American worker that was on display,” said Jordan, quoted by Fox News.

President Trump gave a speech at the Whirlpool appliance manufacturing plant in which he spoke of the recovery of the American economy, America becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of medical supplies, and the creation of manufacturing jobs in America.

Whirlpool is considered to be one of the largest factories in the world, and President Trump mentioned part of the production capacity of this one.

“Every day, 20,000 gleaming new machines coming rolling off that beautiful assembly line—I just got to see it—and every single one is proudly inscribed with that glorious phrase, ‘Made in the USA.’ Remember? ‘Made in the USA,'” the president said according to the White House report.

More jobs coming home

He also alluded to the future recovery of millions of jobs that had been taken abroad.

“Today I want to lay out my vision to bring millions and millions of more jobs and thousands of more factories back to American shores where they belong,” Trump added.

While the numbers presented by the polls do not entirely favor President Trump, some are very suggestive in light of the upcoming presidential election in which he is seeking re-election.

For example, President Trump outperformed Biden in Kentucky by nine points, with 50% and 41% respectively. In Kentucky, 91% of voters said they have already decided for whom they will vote, according to the results of a survey conducted by Quinnipiac University presented on Aug. 6.