A Democrat from New York City wants to strictly regulate firearms believing it would prevent future murders.

Mayor Eric Adams is challenging the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Instead, he blamed part of the Second Amendment for causing unlawful and premeditated killings across the Big Apple.

“There are no gun manufacturers in our city [but] how are we removing thousands of guns off our streets and somehow they still find their way into the hands of killers?” he said on Twitter.

The Democrat urged the Biden administration to stop the free movement of firearms across the nation.

“We need Washington to act now to stop the flow of weapons into our cities,” he said.

The remarks came after New York Police Department (NYPD) officer Jason Rivera was shot dead.

Rivera and fellow officer Wilbert Mora was shot after responding to a domestic disturbance near 119 West 135th Street in Harlem, on Jan. 21.

They tried to speak with the alleged victim’s son, Lashawn McNeil. However, the 47-year-old responded by opening fire on both officers. A third police officer shot the suspect twice while he fled the scene.

Rivera died while Mora, 27, was fighting for his life at the time of publication.

NYPD vowed to remember Rivera for his exemplary service.

“We mourn the loss of a hero officer–a son, husband, and friend. Only 22 years old, police officer Jason Rivera was murdered in the line of duty,” the department said on Twitter.

“We vow to never forget Jason as his fellow finest vow to honor his tremendous legacy of service and the ultimate sacrifice,” it added.

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