Gov. Andrew Cuomo is lousy at speculating, and he is the first to admit it.

On Monday, May 25, the New York governor said predictions from experts on aspects of the CCP Virus were wrong, and “We all failed” at predictions. During an event at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum in New York City, Cuomo was asked by a reporter when the virus-ravaged city would reopen.

“Now, people can speculate. People can guess. I think next week, I think two weeks, I think a month,” Cuomo told reporters on Memorial Day. “I’m out of that business because we all failed at that business. Right? All the early national experts. Here’s my projection model. Here’s my projection model. They were all wrong. They were all wrong.”

Cuomo confessed he didn’t want to speculate on when the Big Apple would be back to business as usual.

“There are a lot of variables. I understand that. We didn’t know what the social distancing would actually amount to. I get it, but we were all wrong,” Cuomo said. “So, I’m sort of out of the guessing business, right? We watched the numbers. We prepare as the numbers drop, so when the number actually hits the threshold, we’re ready to go. We just finished that. We’re in the midst of that with Long Island, Mid-Hudson region, etc. But … I don’t want to guess.”

For the first time since March 24, on Friday deaths resulting from infection by the CCP Virus dropped to below 100 per day, and encouraging sign admitted Cuomo. “It’s a sign that we are making real progress and I feel good about that,” Cuomo said.

On Friday, 84 people in New York died from coronavirus—down from 109 a day earlier. The peak of daily deaths was 799 people on April 8.

“Eighty-four is still a tragedy. No doubt. But the fact that it’s down as low as it is, is really overall good news,” Cuomo said.

Death benefits for frontline workers who became infected and died from the virus will be provided by state and local governments, as their local or state pension funds would pay the benefit, said Cuomo during the Monday conference, reported  Fox News.

New York has seen over 362,000 CCP Virus (COVID-19) cases and over 23,000 deaths, according to the latest estimates.

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