A group of representatives from the African American community of Chicago unmasked the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Marxist movement and accused it of using Blacks and their causes to achieve its own goals.

“Black Lives Matter is a fraud,” said Mark Carter, one of the representatives who believes the press is creating the image that BLM is a movement that fights for African American communities, “which is not really the case,” as he says in the following Sept. 28 video. 

“Right now one of the biggest misconceptions in the media is that every time something’s organized, they flip it under the Black Lives Matter banner,” Carter added.

He said the media uses white college youth “to undermine the real black agenda to turn things around in the black community.” “It’s only to keep up in confusion” and “dismantle the government,” Carter countered, adding it is the “same machine that has starved our communities.”

He said the organizations “attach” themselves to issues such as police shootings, incarcerations, or reparations. “After they’ve done their pimping, then they get back on the plane and go back where they’re from.”

Spokeswoman, Vetress Boyce, said that BLM organizers do not help the black communities as they claim, they come “as if they’re here to save our souls, but what they’re really doing is building their wealth off of the backs of poor people.”

For these Chicagoans, BLM anarchists are also hurting their children by training them as agitators and anti-socials.

Carter said, “They should be held accountable for using our kids to try to cause riots, to cause more and more police shootings, to cause more of the disrespect our kids are starting to show for their parents and things, because they’re being trained by these dangerous people.”

Boyce concluded by warning, “It’s not an authentic black movement.”

Leo Terrell, an African American radio host, and civil rights attorney, said on July 9, “The Black Lives Matter organization doesn’t care about all the lives of black people. … They don’t care about the police officers who get killed. They don’t care about black-on-black crimes. They don’t care about the choice of schools.

“Many black Americans like me will vote for Donald Trump this year because the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the BLM.”

Terrell added that BLM members were speculators spreading a “false narrative” and that what bothered him most was their “extremism.”

After BLM resurfaced to lead the riots that devastated many U.S. cities following the death of African American George Floyd on May 25, it registered some approval from Americans. Approval that dissolved in the face of mounting deaths and damage, in addition to the declared Marxism of its founders.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, asked President Donald Trump to declare BLM a domestic terrorist organization. “The president should consider, very carefully, declaring the BLM a domestic terrorist organization,” according to Fox News on Aug. 17.

Giuliani also alluded to the Marxism of the BLM’s founders and the funding provided to them by billionaire George Soros, known for funding many leftist movements worldwide and their agendas, seen as disruptive to social stability.

“Soros is trying to destroy our government for some sickening reason that goes back to his sickly past,” Giuliani added in part of his statement.

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