Police in Hickory, North Carolina, have arrested a gunman suspected of fatally shooting a 7-year-old boy in a suspected road-rage incident on Tuesday, April 20.

Douglas Mason Wilson, 23, of Claremont, was charged with first-degree murder by police on Friday.

On the morning of April 23, Wilson was transported into the Catawba County Detention Facility on a murder conviction with no bond and a drug charge with a bond of $1,500. 

During a press conference on Wednesday, Hickory Police Chief Thurman Whisnant said a Hickory police officer was responding to reports of gunfire on Tuesday when he found 7-year-old Kakylen Greylen Harris with “an apparent gunshot wound to the neck area.” 

Harris’s mother’s car was fired at from another vehicle. Harris was taken to Catawba Valley Medical Center and later pronounced dead, according to the report.

The Hickory Police Department released surveillance footage of the incident on Thursday morning which shows Harris’ mother’s car turning onto Tate Boulevard before the suspect’s car appears in the video.

While detectives are open to all possibilities as to how the shooting occurred, the mother said she did not hear gunshots, but she did see a muzzle flash and all of a sudden, her back window glass broke. She realized her son had been shot in the neck at that point. The mother identified the incident on Tate Boulevard SE as a road rage incident when she turned her blinker on and accidentally cut off the suspect’s vehicle.

Wilson’s car had a blonde, white female in the passenger seat, the mother described. Before the shots were fired, the woman screamed at Harris’ mother. It is unclear whether any other passengers were in Wilson’s car, police said on Wednesday.

Harris’s siblings, aged 1 and 6, were also in their mother’s car during the incident.

All possibilities are being explored for a motive, said the authorities.

“Preliminary belief is that it’s a random act of violence. These individuals did not know each other,” Hickory Police Capt. Jeff Young said.

“There are still a lot of answers that need to be gathered and a lot of work that needs to be done,” Whisnant said during a Friday press conference announcing the charges.

Wilson was staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hickory on Thursday afternoon when police arrested him. He was initially brought in on unrelated warrants issued by the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office, according to the Hickory Record

According to jail records, Wilson was charged with marijuana possession in June of last year.

Zakylen is the second child to die of gun violence in the Charlotte area in recent weeks.

Just last week, a 7-year-old girl from Gastonia died after being shot in the head. The night before, an 8-month old girl in Shelby was hit in the lung by a stray bullet.

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