New York City’s largest police union has vowed to sue the city if it decides to force officers to be vaccinated against Covid, the New York Post reported.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association (PBA), said in an internal statement obtained by the Post:

“If the City attempts to impose a vaccine mandate on PBA members, we will take legal action to defend our members’ right to make such personal medical decisions.”

Apparently, Lynch’s internal statement is a preview of possible action by Mayor Bill De Blasio, who recently announced that all city faculty would be required to be vaccinated for work.

“As of this writing, the City has not indicated whether it will attempt to impose vaccine mandates on other city workers, including police officers,” the unionist wrote.

Despite being one of the first groups of people eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine, the New York Police Department (NYPD) only registers less than 50 percent of its officers vaccinated, in an apparent rejection of the vaccine.

Lynch spoke out against making the vaccination mandatory as early as December 2020 when the FDA issued clearance for emergency use.

Last August 18, the NYPD announced that it would apply sanctions to police officers who did not wear masks outdoors or inside a building while on police duty.

According to the bulletin announcing the order, the move was targeting police officers who did not want to receive the vaccine.

“Members who do not have official proof of COVID-19 vaccination on file with the Medical Division must wear a face covering at all times while working, whether indoors or outside, including while driving in Department vehicles,” the NYPD announcement said.

“These members may temporarily remove their masks when engaging in reasonable activities such as consuming food, drinking beverages, adjusting the face coverings due to temperature or to correct a breathing condition.”

Failure to comply with the order, the bulletin explains, will result in appropriate penalties.

The sergeants or directors of each section will be in charge of enforcing the mandate.

Those vaccinated police officers will only be required to wear masks when in elevators, schools, public transportation, homeless shelters, jails, nursing homes,, or hospitals.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last month that the mandatory vaccination requirement is for the entire city workforce. City employees outside the NYPD who violate the mandate will be “suspended without pay until they comply,” a spokesman for the mayor said.

Despite thousands of cases of adverse effects and even deaths from Covid vaccines, the U.S. drug regulator granted final approval for the use of the Pfizer vaccine.

Active military personnel is also facing the same situation since the Secretary of Defense, Austin Lloyd, assured that he would make vaccination mandatory for all military members once the FDA granted its final authorization.

However, the Pentagon has assured military personnel may be exempted from vaccination on religious or medical grounds, as there is a long-standing procedure for such scenarios.

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