New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo suggested Monday, April 6, the state may have flattened the curve of the CCP Virus (coronavirus) outbreak as it start seeing ‘good signs’ in recent days.

Cuomo said the number of deaths from the disease caused by the CCP Virus have stayed flat for two days and the total number of new hospitalizations and intense care unit admissions has declined.

“Total number of hospitalizations are down. The ICU admissions are down, and the daily intubations are down,” Cuomo said. “Those are all good signs, and again would suggest a possible flattening of the curve.”

New York’s has more than 130,000 confirmed cases and almost 5,000 deaths. The state reported 599 of those deaths Monday, a small drop from the 630 on Saturday.

The governor said the flattening numbers are a result of social distancing and announced that schools and nonessential businesses in the state will remain closed until April 29 in order to keep the current trend going. 

Cuomo said it’s unclear if New York is currently at a plateau, meaning the rates of infection will continue for a while, rather than dropping after reaching a peak.

If it is plateauing, “We are plateauing at a very high level” and there is “tremendous stress on the health care system,” he said.

Cuomo added that New York hospitals are already running at maximum capacity and he would ask President Donald Trump to shift the use of the Navy hospital ship, the USNS Comfort, docked in New York Harbor to treat CCP Virus patients. 

President Trump on Monday confirmed that he granted Cuomo’s request, saying that the ship will be “very helpful” to New York and New Jersey as well. 

“The president spoke with the Department of Defense and granted that request to use the Navy ship Comfort for COVID patients, so that’s an additional 1,000 beds with federal personnel managing that ship. So that is a welcome relief,” Cuomo said. “The president granted the request, he did it quickly.”

“I spoke with him this morning, and then he called back this afternoon and he said that was done,” he added.

Gov. Phil Murphy (D) of New Jersey, another hot spot of the outbreak, on Monday said that the rate of infections also appears to be declining in his state.

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