Traditionally, if you want a shirt with the name of a candidate on it, you’re buying it from the campaign or stands in locations like the National Mall.

But, from playing cards to T-shirts, keychains to socks with an unmistakable coif, the Trump stores in New England have everything you could ever want to show your support of President Donald Trump.

The New England for Trump store in Wilmington has a wide variety of Trump hats and shirts. (Christopher Huffaker/Patch)

Keith Lambert, the store owner said, “We started doing this back when the rally was in New Hampshire and it was difficult for people to find some of the hats.”

In his very blue home state of Massachusetts, his hunt for one of President Trump’s distinctive red MAGA hats prompted him to open up New England for Trump pop-up shops in Easton, Wilmington, Peabody, Hanson, and Bellingham.

Lambert has been hiring veterans like McMahon, who are passionate about the re-election campaign for the president. And the consumers flowing in—even the day after Trump was impeached.

“I mean, you can get stuff online but it’s nice to be in a place where you don’t have to be afraid wanting to buy this,” said Karen Young of Watertown.

Lambert said the store didn’t really have any incidents.

The stores have short-term leases and, according to owner Keith Lambert, began as a holiday store in theory. But if they do well, through the general election they will remain open, and in the new year he will open up more.

Lambert is an independent businessman who has locally printed some of his own designs and buys other products from wholesalers. But he is the president’s supporter, and he makes a monthly donation to the campaign, he said.

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