The Taliban killed a UK-trained Afghan sniper in front of his family on Monday, a former British army colonel on operations alongside the slain man told The Times of London.  

The victim, who belonged to an elite UK-trained unit, was 28 years old and hiding in Kabul, hoping not to be found by the Taliban.

The sniper’s former colonel and colleague, Ash Alexander-Cooper, wrote two Twitter posts telling what had happened and warning that more such killings would come.

In the first, he states that “this is not a game” and that” ‘N’ was a executed by the Taliban in cold blood just a few hours ago,” emphasizing that he had years of professional and loyal service, being guided by the British Army, but was “Abandoned by us, this murder will not be the last.”

In the second tweet, he recounted details and showed his anger towards those who believe in Taliban lies.

“Murdered in front of his family, he is survived by his wife & 5 children under the age of 9, the youngest of which was only 10 days’ old,” Cooper detailed.

And he concluded his post by saying “This is the reality of the ‘new Taliban’. Talk of inclusivity, diversity & amnesty is a joke & some are falling for it. Wake up.”

The details given by the former colonel were confirmed by a former Afghan interpreter, Rafi Hottak, now living in the U.K., who added that the Afghan special forces unit to which the sniper belonged was called CF333.

Hottak added that “N” was part of a list of 700 Afghans who wanted to go to the U.K. but could not make it.

The U.K. government is coming under fire for failing to help Afghans who worked alongside British troops, as many are still in Afghanistan, and there are cases of some who were able to escape thanks to support from other countries.

There is the case of the former interpreter, Mohammad Khan, who, thanks to Japanese officials, was able to escape to Pakistan along with his wife and three children, according to The Daily Mail.

The British media wrote that Khan had worked with both the U.K. and Japan but only received help from Japanese officials, with whom he was in regular contact, unlike the British, who did not help him.

There is also much concern in the United States, as many former interpreters and their families are reportedly being executed by the Taliban.

According to Rep. Michael McCaul, ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Taliban have already begun executing some of the 10,000 interpreters who worked with the U.S. in Afghanistan, News Max reported.

The Texas Republican made the remarks during an interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room” on Monday, Sept. 13.

“The interpreters, who worked with our Special Forces, they are gone. The Taliban will not allow them to leave,” he said. “These are the guys who worked right with our special forces. The Taliban views them as the worst of the worse because they betrayed, in their view, their country and they worked with the infidel.”

CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked, “So, you think they’re going to be stuck? They’re never going to get out?”

McCaul replied, “They’re already being executed. We’re already getting stories of families and interpreters being executed by the Taliban.”

The congressman also slammed the Biden administration’s Afghanistan withdrawal plan.

“Had they done this sooner, this actually could have worked,” he said. “But they waited for the last minute on the hopes that they had this peace deal with the Taliban.”

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