Three people are injured and dozens of homes without power after a military training plane crashed into a Texan backyard on Sept. 19.

Lake Worth Fire Department confirmed a flight student and instructor pilot were conducting a drill training exercise at the time of the accident.

They ejected themselves from the plane, and one of their parachutes became tangled in power lines. The other landed in a tree.

The unidentified pilots were treated for minor injuries and transported to a nearby hospital emergency room.

“It could have been a lot worse if it would have been a direct contact into a residence,” fire chief Ryan Arthur said according to the New York Times. “Fortunately, that is not the case.”

The vessel belongs to the training wing of the Naval Air Station in Kingsville. It took off from Corpus Christi International Airport.

Naval Air Training spokeswoman Lt. Michelle Tucker confirmed one of the pilots is in critical condition while the other is stable.

The incident cut power supply to at least 44 homes. Arthur revealed emergency services are working to clear the crash site of wreckage. People are urged to steer clear of the 4000 block of Tejas Trail.

Emergency teams were well prepared for a possible military crash in the area due to its close proximity to the air station.

“Other cities in Texas, it could be natural disasters such as tornadoes and even ice storms but, for us, it is a downed military aircraft since we are in such a unique position,” he said according to the paper.

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