The American Conservative Union (ACU) wrote a strong letter to Major League Baseball (MLB) urging it to publicly retract recent comments it made against Georgia’s election reform law and condemned the attitude of moving the All-Star Game to another state.

MLB moved the All-Star Game as a protest against lawmakers who passed a new election reform law in Georgia, signed by Republican Governor Brian Kemp in late March, to ensure greater transparency in future elections in light of serious fraud in the last presidential election.

Matt Schlapp, the president of the ACU, wrote Friday on his Twitter account: 

“We’re demanding that @MLB correct the lies about conservative election reform and to return the All-Star Game back to Atlanta.”

In the Twitter message, Schlapp also attached the letter sent to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and signed by the ACU.

In the letter, one can read a harsh criticism against all those sectors in American history that have played the sad role of trying to hinder in any way the normal development of democracy. The MLB is accused of being part of one of those radical sectors that despise freedom.

“Throughout our nation’s history, there have been some who have sought to end the American experiment in democratic self-government. Whether motivated by socialist, fascist, or other illiberal authoritarian impulses, these radicals despise the virtues upon which free people can live in harmony,” the ACU wrote. “And you have played into their hands.”

Regarding MLB’s comments falsely disparaging Georgia’s new election regulations, the ACU condemned them as lacking in argument or even ignorance regarding the law but lamented that the effects have nevertheless generated much damage.

“Your comments regarding the improvements to the Georgia election law are baseless and contrary to reality. Worse, your misguided comments and actions have harmed the good people of Atlanta, especially the African American community,” the letter continues. “Therefore, we urge you to publicly correct the record on Georgia’s election reform law.”

The ACU insisted that it is important that MLB not remain silent about their sayings because they have contributed to “deeply erroneous and misleading perceptions” about the content of the bill, claiming that they have not read the new law correctly.

“MLB’s recent public condemnation of a law it did not understand, and the resulting harm to the city of Atlanta, reveal the dangers associated with exercising your authority in an attempt to appease the Left,” the ACU said.

Finally, the ACU adds that the appetite of the radical groups driving the MLB’s speeches and movements is insatiable and warned that their ultimate goal is the destruction of the nation’s freedoms.

Despite the strong accusations, the ACU expressed interest in meeting with MLB officials to discuss the matter and noted that “continuing to push unpopular policies that harm future elections will only threaten the future of Major League Baseball.”


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