The MLB’s “crushing” decision to move the All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado has enraged Georgia business owners. According to small business owners, it will hurt companies struggling to recover from statewide economic shutdowns caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus or COVID-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, Colorado already has voter identification and has fewer days of early in-person voting than Georgia.

Three-time World Series Champion and former World Series MVP David Ortiz, affectionately known as “Big Papi,” is an MLB studio analyst for FOX Sports.

“Your office and others’ selective indignation is backwards,” Oritz said. “Small companies in Georgia are struggling, and you just ripped a multi-million dollar rug from under them.”

President Joe Biden pushed for the boycott, describing the current voting rule as a modern-day legacy of the Jim Crow era.

In the end, the MLB is unlikely to behave in a morally consistent way and cut ties with China. The MLB, like Disney, Coca-Cola, and Delta before it, is the new multibillion-dollar company to openly sell its soul to the woke in the hopes of being the last to be consumed.

CEO of Cobb Travel and Tourism said:

“In the initial stages of the pandemic, many Cobb hotels saw single digit occupancy numbers,”

“The 8,000-plus contracted hotel room nights that will not actualize as a result of the MLB All-Star Game relocation will have a negative impact on Cobb’s hospitality industry and other local businesses, further delaying recovery.”

“We are proud of the work that many community partners have dedicated to planning the All Star Game activities. And we will continue, as we always do, to show who we are in Cobb through our outreach, customer service and hard work,”

Over the weekend, Governor Brian Kemp chastised opponents and “woke” businessmen for leading a national boycott of the Peach State’s new Voting Security Bill, saying he did not apologize for “making it easy to vote and hard to cheat.” and,

“I let the legislators speak for themselves, but I know for myself and our team, I realize that people have all kinds of different opinions and beliefs about the 2020 election. There were issues that happened,” and “There were issues that needed to be fixed. There are reasons to try and figure out a better way for us to hold elections. There’s nothing wrong with that. We shouldn’t apologize for wanting to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat,”

Former President Donald Trump has called for a national boycott of Major League Baseball and other “woke” businesses that “interfere with free and equal elections.”

On a Zoom call, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said.

“Obviously, that’s a manifestation of where our country currently is, our country is in many ways the greatest country in the world. In some ways, it’s broken in certain aspects where we’re not all together and not all as one. Because of that, you’re seeing demonstrations like kneeling at the anthem as part of that process. Part of our community is hurting when it shouldn’t be. It’s been ignored for such a long period of time.

“The great part of America is there are different ways to express yourself and different platforms to utilize how you express yourself. In some cases, it’s kneeling during the anthem. … I support the ability to protest in the way they see fit, as long as it’s in a legal and healthy way.

“I think there’s nothing more American than being able to express your beliefs and do it in a safe way.”

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