In a tweet on Saturday, The former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee tweeted that he would begin identifying as “Chinese” as a pushback to companies who objected to the recent Georgia bill, aiming at voter integrity. 

The Foxnews contributor’s Saturday morning tweet inevitably has spurred significant backlash, with critics claiming the joke clashes with the sensitive surge in anti-Asian hate crimes across the nation, which has been going for months. Allegedly, the deadly CCP Virus’ Wuhan origin ignited the racist attacks against Asian Americans. 

However, Huckabee was not ambiguous on what ‘Chinese’ might imply. In his original tweet, he wrote, “Coke will like me, Delta will agree with my “values,” and I’ll probably get shoes from Nike & tickets to @MLB games. Ain’t America great?”

Huckabee was mocking the recent boycott attempts from corporations to dictate Georgia’s law enforcement. Specifically, they were pressuring against the SB 202 legislation signed by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on March 25, which targets ensuring election integrity. 

Under pressure from Democrats to oppose the new law, some Georgia-based companies have decided to hang over their influence and protest the package, including Coca-cola and Delta. These corporations were later exposed to having ties with China, Washinton Examiner reported.

Meanwhile, MLB protested the state’s decision by moving its headquarters to New York. It was also discovered that MLB had signed a contract with China to expand their coverage reach to the Asian population; the deal has substantial financial promise. 

President Joe Biden coined the new law “Jim Crow on steroids,” referring to the state and local legislation that imposed discrimination until 1965. According to CNN, civil rights groups have slammed that it would put color voters at a disadvantage; they also threaten companies with a boycott if they do not use their influence in objecting to the bill.

As Gov. Brian Kemp signed the bill into law, he had predicted that opposers “will threaten, boycott, sue, demonize and team up with their friends in the national media to call me everything in the book.”

In an interview with Foxnews’ “Tucker Show Tonight”, the governor declared  “we are not backing down” when they discussed how the state’s new law is being challenged. 

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