Axios polled voters through focus groups and believes, “The responses show how some voters are thinking and talking about the 2020 election in critical counties” in the United States.

The most recent of these polls showed that some voters doubt that Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden is in the best position to lead the country, according to the July 27 report.

Voters thus refer to Biden as a “puppet” who is not “mentally capable of being president,” and the same people confess that they have not “paid much attention to his events, platforms, or speeches,” the report said.

In last week’s opinion poll, nine voters went from voting for former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2012 to vote for then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

Although a focus group lacks the statistical rigor of a poll, it is used as a benchmark in these cases.

“Many of the voters could not name a single achievement Biden has had in his life,” the report said. Although two of them mentioned that they would vote for him, their attitude indicated more rejection of President Donald Trump than adherence to Joe Biden.

Other comments about Biden stressed that he was “an old man” and “showing signs of dementia” and that “he is controlled by many people in the deep state.”

In terms of “deep state,” the person was referring to “the lobbyists, the people who have big money, the people who influence a lot of the politicians.”

Biden is also burdened with other aspects of his life that make him seem clueless and at risk for his mental health. His mistakes have been relatively frequent in his speeches, such as awarding a war medal to a Navy captain. At the time, he confused details such as the captain’s branch of service, the people involved, and the timing of the events that made him worthy of the award, the Washington Times reported.

Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report said in The Washington Times, “Every time a 76-year-old man runs for president, particularly one who suffered two brain aneurysms, even though it was 33 years ago, [he] will get an additional level of scrutiny and discussion, as Biden has and does.”

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