Celebrated American actor Mel Gibson took part in the prayer rally of the Coalition for Canceled Priests in Chicago (CFCP), where he denounced a particular sector of the Catholic Church that does not comply with the established traditional norms. 

Gibson mentioned the existence of “hirelings” priests in the Church who did not uphold authentic teaching and referred to a “parallel, counterfeit Church” dedicated to “eclipsing” the true Catholic Church, Life Site News reported on Sept. 10.  

He also agreed with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s considerations that Vatican II should be scrapped altogether. 

The demonstration organized by the CFCP came in response to irregularities by Cardinal Blase Cupich, who is pro-LGBT.

Cupich allowed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a non-Catholic lesbian united in a same-sex “marriage,” to receive communion at a funeral Mass last month. 

According to Catholic doctrine, not only can non-Catholics not receive the Eucharist, but any of the faithful who are in a state of mortal sin and who have not confessed and repented of their sins cannot receive communion.

On this occasion, Gibson recalled the persecution that priests suffer for denouncing the deviations of the church while remaining faithful to the basic principles on which it is founded. 

“It is not hard to believe that there is now such a thing, as I personally know, that many priests are canceled,” he said in the pre-recorded video he sent to the event. 

He added: “Not because they had committed an outrage and absconded leaving the scene of the crime, or because they embezzled church funds by stealing, or because they committed some other atrocity or crime, not at all.”

He reinforced his idea by saying that the same bishops pressure and persecute priests to keep silent or leave, calling their suffering a “white martyrdom.”

These bishops were described at the event as “monsters with mitres,” by Father James Altman, who added: “Obedience is not blind servility,” according to Life Site News. 

Gibson also addressed Pope Francis, urging him to repent and take the 10 Commandments seriously as absolutes, for which he expressed, “The 10 Commandments were written in stone for a reason.”

On the other hand, the CFCP expresses on its website, “We neither expect nor demand perfection in anyone, but do expect what the Church as always demanded—that the clergy recognize sin for what it is and resist the growing acceptance of sin in the secular world and especially within the Church.”

It also notes, “In May 2021, 61 U.S. bishops loudly opposed even the discussion of denying the Blessed Sacrament to politicians who would allow the killing of unborn innocents, even to the point of birth.”

It adds: “These bishops have forsaken one of the first duties of priests. Such churchmen bring to mind the image of a commanding officer who, when the battle turns against his troops, goes over to the enemy and betrays his men.” 

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