McDonald’s workers in Chicago said they feel unsafe at work after witnessing gunfire and other acts of violence inside their restaurants. A group of employees said such incidents are enough to constitute a pattern of regular on-the-job violence they want the company to address across the United States.

“Yes, I feel like my life is in danger, because I heard about the shooting that we had here at the job. And the bullet holes are still in the wall,” Gazmyne Bennet, a McDonalds employee said.

She also said, “I want McDonald’s executives to give us better security. We need security from the time that we open to the time that we close.”||9b7ad5ea6__

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In a complaint filed with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on Monday, May 20, the workers at one location described being threatened with guns, attacked with hot coffee, and having to dodge food thrown by a disturbed customer.

Speaking to a group of McDonalds workers and supporters holding protest signs, Leshia Townsend, a McDonalds employee explained, “You have workers that have been going into McDonald’s where a bullet hole is through their walls. You have workers where there is violence through the store, and customers are getting violent with us. So how do we protect ourselves as fast-food workers?”

Workers and their supporters protested outside a store on Chicago’s South Side this morning in advance of the McDonald’s shareholders’ meeting being held in Dallas this week.

The Chicago Tribune said 171 people have been killed in Chicago so far this year, that is 21 fewer than this same time last year. The Tribune also explained that homicides peak in the summer months. The majority of homicides in Chicago are the result of gun violence and are mostly young black men. Though there are homicides recorded throughout the city they are mostly concentrated in the South and West sides of Chicago.

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