KIII 3 News reported on Aug. 16 that a good Samaritan, Hazeal Cain, and one of her friends were helping to feed members of the homeless community in Corpus Christi, Texas, when she started running low on plates of food after just two minutes. Not wanting anyone to be turned away hungry, Hazeal decided to run to the closest McDonald’s to get cheeseburgers.

“She was ordering 40 cheeseburgers,” McDonald’s employee Isaac Medina said.

Hazeal was starting to worry that 40 burgers still wouldn’t be enough. That’s when Shift Manager Matthew Ortiz, asked her why she needed so many burgers. 

She told him and the staff what she was doing and asked if anyone would be willing to help. Ortiz immediately added another $20 to the fund.

“My mother and father always told me, ‘If you have extra money, just give it out,'” Ortiz said to KIII 3 News.

The total $60 was able to purchase 60 cheeseburgers for the hungry people in the area.

“He added an extra $20 to help out, and it felt really cool knowing that,” Medina said.

When the other employees heard about Cain’s goal, they were more than happy to do the extra work for the order.

“The hospitality of the whole crew was amazing. How the whole crew came together and made all these burgers and bagged them for us was amazing. To see them happy about giving something back was amazing. The joy on their faces,” she said on a Facebook post.

“It feels amazing to see people’s reaction to hope and love. And it feels more amazing to see this one act of kindness being shared to hundreds of timelines. It feels good to know that people are smiling, even for a moment,” Cain told Fox News.

Cain said she hopes her day of giving will inspire others to do the same.

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