While “anti-Trump” groups are exploiting the words “weight problem” that the president said in the rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Aug. 15, Frank Dawson—the insider—said he was never offended and still supports him.

Last Thursday night’s rally was interrupted about half an hour by a couple of protesters near the rafters of the arena.

As the protesters were being led out, Dawson—a Trump supporter—who was wearing a “Trump 2020” shirt near them began shaking his fist enthusiastically in a sign of support for the president, The Associated Press reported.

“He’s up there giving a speech, and people are trying to disrupt his speech,” Dawson said. “I want(ed) to listen to what he has to say,” and began ripping the posters away from the protesters as they were being escorted out of the rally.

At that time, President Trump looked out into the crowd and thought he was one of the protesters. “That guy’s got a serious weight problem. Go home. Start exercising. Get him out of here, please,” he said to the crowd.

After a pause, he added, “Got a bigger problem than I do.”

After the rally, a White House official said the president called the supporter while he was on board Air Force One after the rally and left him a voicemail, according to ABC News.

Upon receiving the voicemail, the Woburn resident said he was fascinated.

“It was awesome. The leader of the free world calling me to thank me for what I did at the arena that night,” Dawson said.

In a conversation with “Fox & Friends,” Dawson said he was not upset by the president’s comment about his weight.

“I think he thought I was part of it (the protest) but I wasn’t. I was the good part of it,” he said. “Everything’s good. I love the guy. He’s the best thing that ever happened to this country.”

Dawson, a retired U.S. deputy marshal, said he plans to vote for Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

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