A grand jury indicted a U.S. Navy nuclear engineer and his spouse for allegedly endangering national security on Oct. 19.

The Department of Justice confirmed Jonathan and Diana Toebbe are both charged with one count of “conspiracy to communicate restricted data” and two counts of “communication of restricted data.” They allegedly violated the Atomic Energy Act.

Reuters reported the male used his employment at the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program to access top secret nuclear-powered warship designs.

The couple then allegedly exchanged “restricted data” for thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency since late June. Although they thought their customer represented a foreign nation he was actually an undercover FBI agent.

Data was transferred via SD memory card three times, with the first transaction delivered in half a peanut butter sandwich and the second in a chewing gum package.

The couple allegedly left the camouflaged card in a “dead drop location,” and only granted access to the data after receiving payment.

They reportedly made their first drop on June 26, the second on August 28, and third in West Virginia on Oct. 9. FBI agents took them into custody on the last time.

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