Antonio Basco just buried his wife Margie Reckard who was murdered at a Walmart attack in El Paso, Texas, on Friday, Aug. 16, attended by thousands of strangers. Then, someone stole his wife’s car and trashed it.

The 61-year-old made worldwide headlines after issuing a public invitation to his wife funeral. He said he felt alone as the couple didn’t have any nearby relatives. More than 3,000 people turned out for her services and over a thousand flower arrangements were sent for the funeral. Hours later, Basco found his wife’s vehicle severely damaged in an apparent case of theft and vandalism.

Vanessa Kondow, a towing dispatcher at Kings Towing in El Paso, has shared a story on Facebook that Basco’s SUV was stolen and wrecked on Saturday night. She said her husband towed the car back to Basco’s house on Sunday morning, Aug. 18. The photo shows the vehicle’s front end and windshield smashed.

“WTF is wrong with people!?” Kondow wrote in her post about the incident. “He just buried his wife yesterday and now this.”

Kondow added that the thief also stole a pressure washing machine from a small trailer that Basco used for his mobile car washing business.

Many people offered to help Basco get a new car but that is not what he wants, Kondow said.

“The Ford Escape was his wife’s and he’s always wanted to keep it. He has a vehicle of his own,” Kondow wrote. “If anyone wants to help, he most likely just wants the Escape to be repaired so he has that memory of his wife, Margie.”

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