Many major U.S. firms such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Disney, American Express, Bank of America, Lowe’s, and Pfizer faced many complaints during 2021 accusing them of forcing their employees to receive training on issues associated with leftist ideologies such as “Critical Race Theory” and gender policies. There have even been allegations of a preference for hiring black people as a policy of some firms.

Major U.S.-based companies had faced legal issues when many whistleblowers revealed that over the past year, they had been forced to undergo training on, among other issues, the highly controversial Critical Race Theory (CRT).

As its name indicates, it is just a theory, that is to say, that it is not something proven, and it is also wholly loaded with a strong leftist ideology. In short, these companies have been forcing their employees to receive a kind of leftist indoctrination to keep their jobs, according to the allegations. 

One of the issues they sought to “teach” to the employees is to know how to differentiate the supposedly “marginalized” personnel within the organization and place them above the “privileged” personnel; this is a typical analysis of the Marxist theory of organizations where they always seek to fragment and divide between oppressors and oppressed, victims and victimizers. This ends up generating controversy, instability, and suspicion among co-workers.

In addition, much emphasis was placed on the issue of “decolonizing” the minds of workers and combating aspects of a supposed “white supremacist culture,” such as perfectionism, individualism, and objectivity.

These ideas have their theoretical foundation in CRT, a framework that involves deconstructing aspects of current society to uncover alleged systemic racism beneath the surface. 

In this regard, current and former American Express employees told Fox News in a series of interviews that the imposition of this indoctrination began after the assassination of George Floyd in May 2020, but that the “awakening” training came to light in 2021.

In February 2021, McDonald’s announced that hiring too many white men would cause senior executives who did so to lose bonuses, now prioritizing women and “historically underrepresented groups” for top corporate positions.

An article published by writer Celine Ryan questioned this system and called it “McQuotas.”

“But even those who place value on the concepts of ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ have repeatedly pointed out that these types of hiring quotas are misguided at best, and empty performances at worst, with unintended negative consequences,” Ryan wrote. 

The multinational effectively increased the percentages of employees it now prioritizes when hiring, without parameters such as demographic proportionality in each country.

According to Fox News, Coca-Cola also generated a strong reaction when it was discovered that in its employee training instructions, it included a rule that participants “try to be less white” in their behavior.

In March, Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo revealed whistleblower documents from the Walt Disney Company’s “Reimagine Tomorrow” diversity and inclusion program. The program includes multiple “anti-racism” training modules, 

This type of training usually results in what is called “affirmative action,” where the supposed “oppressors” end up becoming the oppressed because of accusations that are not necessarily true. 

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