Parents of students in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), will not allow virtual education for their children and are organizing a strike in protest of the teachers’ union’s refusal to return to the classroom.

As part of their protest, parents will picket in front of the schools. After a year of school closings, minority communities are suffering from rising absenteeism rates and crime in those areas of Los Angeles, according to Breitbart on Feb. 18. 

In addition, the decline in the occurrence of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus cases for five consecutive days prompted Los Angeles County public health officials to allow the reopening of elementary schools, according to local media outlet KTLA. 

“Los Angeles Unified has done more than any school district in the nation to prepare schools to welcome students back to in-person classes,” the superintendent said Feb. 8.

Teachers’ unions refuse to send teachers back to classroom

Los Angeles teachers’ unions, and those in other major cities across the country, continue to oppose the return to work, warning that the reopening is “unsafe” and would create “more instability for students.”

In order for them to support the reopening of schools and the start of face-to-face classes, school support staff are expected to receive their vaccinations. 

President Joe Biden promised that school attendance would begin after he had spent 100 days in office, but he has already backed off his promise to reduce it to the expectation of one day a week of school attendance.  

The followers of the political left and the Democrats, advocate endless quarantines, have tried to maintain the closures of schools and other sectors of society.

On the contrary, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky assured on Jan. 29 that there are no scientific arguments for schools to remain closed and cited new studies to back this up. 

Schools are already operating on a walk-in basis, and as Walensky reported at a press conference, have experienced low transmission of the CCP Virus.

“The CDC continues to recommend that K-12 schools be the last setting to close and the first to reopen when they can do so safely,” Walensky said at Friday’s press conference.

Likewise, Dr. Scott Atlas, medical adviser to former President Donald Trump, spoke out against keeping children and adolescents out of school, arguing that the mental health problems that population would suffer has no return. 

Indeed, the data confirms his concern. According to CDC reports, the group of young people between 18 and 24 years old who thought of committing suicide during June 2020 doubled compared to the previous year.

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