The Biden administration is in talks with controversial lobbyist Amos Hochstein to join the diplomatic corps to lead the efforts to cut off the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Europe. The project, almost complete, would connect vital oil and gas resources via a pipeline from Russia to Germany.

Hochstein was formerly vice president of the Washington D.C.-based lobbying firm Cassidy and Associates, and his portfolio included Teodoro Obiang Nguema, the president of Equatorial Guinea and Africa’s longest-serving dictator, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

While ordering his brother’s brutal execution, Obiang seized power from his uncle in 1979 and became the leader of one of the countries with the highest number of human rights violations.

The country’s officials often attack and torture journalists, according to the human rights organization Freedom House. 

Also, his police officers are accused of mutilating prisoners and subjecting them to other abuses. Obiang is also accused of cannibalizing his political enemies.

As his lobbyist, Hochstein tried to mitigate Obiang’s record by speaking on his behalf. Thus he referred to the dictator as having “taken some serious steps that are moving the country in the right direction.”

Likewise, in 2006, he claimed to have witnessed positive changes made by Obiang: “He’s convinced me of his deep care for his people. I have seen the changes,” Hochstein said. 

During the contract term, his company earned revenues of up to U.S. $1 million annually. 

On the other hand, with Biden’s offer, Hochstein would go on to head one of the most controversial projects linking Russia and Germany, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Germany is moving forward with the installation of the pipeline across the Baltic Sea, risking continental security in the face of Russia’s threat to Europe.

During his administration, President Donald Trump was emphatic in declaring that Germany is a “prisoner” of Russia due to its energy dependence, mainly because of the planned Russian gas pipeline that will supply Germany, called Nord Stream II. 

“Germany is totally controlled by Russia, because it will receive 60 to 70 percent of its energy from Russia and its new pipeline,” Trump asserted.

Likewise, he argued that he considers it “very sad” and “very inappropriate” for Germany to engage in “a massive oil and gas deal” with Russia. 

While the U.S. is “supposed” to protect allies from eventual threats originating from Moscow, many of these countries pact gas pipeline deals with Russia, pouring billions of dollars into Russian coffers, he reiterated.

“The former Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schröde, is the head of the pipeline company” and president of Nord Stream 2, in charge of the Russian state gas company Gazprom, Trump lamented, specifying that Germany will have “almost 70 percent” of its country’s energy controlled by Russian gas, considering it “a very bad thing for NATO” that must be addressed.

With Biden’s possible appointment of Hochstein to his diplomatic corps, the roster of controversial senior administration officials, many with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), grows.

Several of the Biden administration advisors who also hold positions within Harvard University’s Belfer Center share close ties to the CCP, established through regularly held conferences.

According to National Pulse, this think tank, in addition to hosting conferences, also frequently publishes articles that sell the narrative of the Chinese regime while at the same time refusing to disclose the sources of its funding.

The center brings together cybersecurity working groups in which the CCP and military officials participate, even in the face of U.S. government warnings about hacking and technology theft.

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