Putnam County officials are trying to search for 38 people who weren’t accounted for after an early morning tornado.

Nearly 90 people were reported missing earlier on Tuesday night, but most of them have since been found.

Seventeen people were killed and teams are still searching the hardest-hit areas.

They hope those people who are still missing just didn’t check in with loved ones and don’t even know they have been reported missing.

The following is a list of names. If you are on the list, please call (931) 646-4636.

Missing person list

Rachel Baughman

Katherine Julian

Doreen Black

Ryan Hunter

Penny Penelope Cole

Phyllis Burchett

Charles Spurlock

Diana and Robert Smith

Michael Bowers

Iris Walker

Dwight Gentry

Rocky Smith

Stella Zuller

Ryan Packinghan

Dustin Kingsland

David Phillips

Maureen Langford & Andi Otis

Lisa Burgess

Edward Carter

Tommy Knight

Robin & Bethany Babb

Joey Dedemicis

Joe Murphy Jr.

Denton Nelson

Glen & Anthony Phillips

Rick Stegill

Rocky Smith

Ryan Packinghan

Tracy & Cody McGhee

Peyton Jackson

Colton Matheney

Kathy Koch

Joe Yoder

In the tornado outbreak, 24 people across the state were confirmed dead—18 fatalities in Putnam County, three fatalities in Wilson County, two fatalities in Davidson County, and one fatality in Benton County.

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