Attorney Lin Wood wrote a stern email on April 1 in reply to the Georgia Secretary of State’s latest investigation of his voting qualifications. 

Wood received an undated email from the Georgia Secretary of State office on March 17, written by Christopher Coulter, claiming he was an investigator for Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, informing him that he needed to prove his voting rights in Georgia. 

“Would you please provide an affidavit stating your residency and voter registration status?” the letter said, “Would you also please include whether or not you have owned any property, obtained a driver’s license or ID card, or registered to vote in any other state.”

Wood emailed in reply to the inquiry candidly, in which after detailing his residency and voter registration background fully, he also requested submission of “authority” proof if the agency has the legal right to ask for such information from him.

“I know of no legal authority that requires me to submit this information to you,” he wrote, “I know of no legal authority that requires me to inform you or the Secretary of State of my ownership of property and the location of my property.” 

Wood’s relationship with the Georgia officials has been rough, most likely for his open support towards former President Donald Trump. In January, the State Bar of Georgia sought to revoke his law license and demanded that he undergo a mental health examination. According to a Reuters report on March 26, Wood filed a federal lawsuit saying the board violated his freedom of speech since they based his social media interactions on issuing the demand. 

Raffensperger, who is currently surrounded by scandals related to the 2020 presidential election, initiated an investigation into Wood on February 2, accusing him of “voter fraud,” the Gateway Pundit reported. Subsequently, by means of “voter fraud,” the office sent him an improper request for his background details, hinting at the accusation that he was not qualified to vote in Georgia. 

“It is my position that the Secretary of State has maliciously instituted this criminal investigation of my voting status to defame me and intentionally harm me due to my lawful public advocacy discussing the substantial evidence of fraud and illegal acts by the Secretary of State in connection with the November 2020 election.” – Wood taunted in his April 1 email. 

“That accusation is a damnable lie. There is not one iota of credible evidence to support the lie.” the attorney firmly stated. 

Wood went on to demand Coulter and Raffensperger retract their accusations and close the investigation against him, or he will challenge them in court. 

“You and the Secretary of State have seven (7) days to retract the false accusations by your office against me and to issue a public statement of retraction. I also demand that you and the Secretary of State close your fraudulent investigation immediately or you will only increase the exposure of financial harm to the Georgia taxpayers which will occur in the civil litigation I expect to file against you and the Secretary of State,” he wrote. “Also, tell Mr. Raffensperger and Ms. Fuchs to promptly resign. They are corrupt public officials and an embarrassment to the law-abiding citizens of the State of Georgia.”

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