The Writers Guild of America’s LGBTQ Screenwriters Committee made a particular demand stating that authorities in Hollywood must do even more to increase on-screen representation and combat discrimination against the industry.

The LGBTQ Screenwriters Guild sent an open letter to Hollywood last week urging the film and television industry to employ more LGBTQ screenwriters and further collaborate against alleged discrimination against the industry by more accurately reflecting the lives and histories of the gay community in its content.

Hollywood has been the center of deep criticism for the increasing penetration of gender ideology in its content, including also movies and cartoons for children in which homosexuality is often encouraged by showing it as something “cool” and positive.

This evident disclosure of LGBT ideology by Hollywood seems not to be enough for the community, which aims to go even further, claiming that all that has been done is not enough.

The letter, which was released ahead of this weekend’s Los Angeles Pride Celebration, claims that the industry’s history is “steeped in decades of coded bigotry against the LGBTQ+/queer community,” but notes that this discrimination “is not a problem of the past.” 

In fact, the letter notes that in the past five years, 22% of the 158-member committee “report having been subjected to discrimination and/or overt harassment in an industry setting based on their identity. That number increases to 57% when looking at microaggressions.”

In addition, 46 percent of committee members reported that they have concealed their identity or felt compelled to do so in a work setting.

Of course, the published statistics are completely unsubstantiated and no details were provided as to where such information was obtained.

In this regard the committee demanded that Hollywood take “action” against states that passed what it called “anti-trans legislation.”

Over the past few months, several conservative-tinged states, such as Arkansas and Florida, have passed laws identified by the LGBT community as harmful to transgender people.

In some cases, states have banned male-to-female transgender people from competing in girls’ sports, where they would have a natural advantage over young women, or removed provisions that allow transgender people to enter locker rooms and bathrooms of their opposite biological sex. 

While sectors such as LGBT screenwriters do not see as sufficient the constant propaganda about homosexual ideology in Hollywood content, it seems that conservative sectors are reflecting much rejection against this and the dissemination of progressive policies in general both by their figures and their productions. So much so that the Oscar Awards 2021 were an absolute failure and according to a NY Times report, acknowledges that the awards industry is in free fall in ratings, and the apparent reason could be the rise of leftist political speeches of Hollywood “stars” that has increased considerably in recent years.

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