After being funded with millions of dollars from billionaire left-wing movement backer George Soros, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón fired or transferred half of the police units protecting citizens from gang members and drug dealers in Los Angeles County. 

Soros has been using part of his fortune for several years to fund left-leaning prosecutors to “reform criminal justice” nationwide, as Breitbart reported on April 1. 

In just three months, Gascón also reportedly reduced justice enforcement in the district under Democratic rule, acting to eliminate the cash bail system.

He also intervened to prohibit prosecutors from proposing the death penalty and prevent sentence enhancements for most aggravating circumstances. He also reduced sentences for offenders by about 8,000 years.

Meanwhile, Fox LA investigative reporter Bill Melugin reported Gascon’s ‘progress’ via messages from his Twitter account. 

“Sources say management is admitting the rollout of this change will be a “nightmare” because the Hardcore Gangs unit has 700 active cases,” tweeted Melugin.  

He added: “I’m told downsizing lists have already been generated and prosecutors in the unit will soon be getting calls re: transfers.”

For Melugin, Gascon’s work is not exactly “reforming justice,” at least not in the sense of strengthening the security of citizens.
These actions are strongly criticized and have even led to demands for Gascon’s dismissal.

From the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department account, Captain John Satterfield commented on the problematic situation in one of his tweets.
“If true, reducing critical units such as hardcore gangs & major narcotics is not going to make people safer during a time when the murder rate is soaring,” he said.

On the other hand, former prosecutor and Heritage Foundation senior fellow Cully Stimson also condemns the Soros-funded prosecutors’ interference.

“What they have done and what they practice is a total abrogation of their duties, taking all kinds of crimes and reclassifying them as non-crimes. Where they have taken office, there has been an institutional breakdown of civic and professional norms,” Stimson notes, according to the Washington Times.

In the big cities run by Democratic authorities, such as Philadelphia, St. Louis, and San Francisco, crime is on the rise, attributed to Soros-funded prosecutors’ management.

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