Police officers shot and killed a man in a Kansas City-area hotel on Tuesday morning, Aug. 13, after he allegedly threatened the neighboring Legends Outlets, KCTV5 reports.

Officer Jonathan Westbrook said during a news conference that policemen had been called to the Country Inn and Suites on Tuesday near the shopping district of Legends Outlets, after a manager revealed that a heavily armed person had entered the company and said that he had killed his spouse.

“I just murdered my wife. I’m armed and dangerous. I’m headed to the Legends. You better call the police.” That’s what the man, whose name wasn’t published, said when he went up to the front desk.

Westbrook said that when policemen discovered him, the man was armed with an assault rifle. He claims the man fired at police, and he was shot and killed.

Westbrook suggests police investigate the reports that the man said he killed his wife.

There was no injury to police officers. Police said the suspect hadn’t made it into Legends.

The suspect was identified as Charles Pearson by KCTV5. In addition, police and other sources said the station Pearson is linked to a missing person case in Overland Park.

Police are searching for Silvia Pearson, who they said left home on Monday and didn’t come back. Authorities have not verified that she was harmed.

The KCK Police Department has asked the Topeka Police Department to enter the inquiry because it was a lethal shooting involving an officer.

The shooting closed I-70 westbound and prompted the Legends Outlets to take extra security precautions and it released the following statement:

“Following up to today’s news about the armed suspect in the Village West area. First, Legends Outlets thanks the KCKPD in its swift response and attention to the incident that resulted in disabling the suspect at Village West Parkway and State Avenue. After learning about the armed suspect in the Village West area, Legends Outlets took the proper measures to put the safety of our shoppers and employees first by securing the property with our onsite security team and staying in constant contact with the KCKPD. At no point was the suspect at Legends Outlets. The incident was contained to the Village West area, roughly a half mile from Legends Outlets at Village West Parkway and State Avenue, currently closed as part of an ongoing investigation. Legends Outlets is open with access from the Parallel Parkway entrances. Once again, the suspect and activity were not at Legends Outlets. The incident happened in the Village West area near State Avenue and Village West Parkway, near other businesses and attractions that we offer our support to during this stressful time. Thank you to the KCKPD for the rapid response in resolving this and our own security team for securing the property.”

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