Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Guatemala on Sunday, June 6, with the objective of implementing joint policies to reduce the traffic of illegal immigrants heading to the United States. Critics point out that the measures they intend to impose are only bribes that do nothing to solve the structural problem of poverty but rather enrich small sectors entrenched in power. 

Joe Biden on his first day as president opened the borders for thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the United States, causing an absolute collapse of the southern border, which persists to this day. Vice President Kamala Harris was charged with providing solutions to the conflict, but after two months she has not yet spoken at a press conference to comment on her plans in this regard.

However, it was reported that this week Harris would visit Guatemala and Mexico to meet personally with the authorities of both countries to implement joint policies to try to reduce the number of migrants heading to the United States, both from these countries and from other parts of the world, who are forced to transit through both Guatemala and Mexico in order to reach the U.S. in search of a better life.

Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson published a very critical article against the Biden administration and the Democrats who are complicit in its immigration policies. In it, he assures that the decision to attract illegal immigrants to the United States, allow their unrestricted entry and then grant them citizenship, has the sole purpose of increasing their voter base since it is known that Republicans would never support such measures.

“On the border, the rule of law has been suspended,” Carlson asserts. The American system of order, decency and fairness is being completely ruined by the very people who are tasked with preserving it. 

“You don’t have to be a conservative Republican to be offended by this. Last November in Texas, many thousands of lifelong Democrats with Mexican last names voted for Donald Trump. Why? Because they knew perfectly well what the left planned to do at the border,” Carlson continued.

So what is Kamala Harris’ goal in Central America?

The reality is that even Democratic immigrants residing in the country are realizing that what the Biden administration is doing at the border is a completely unhinged action and therefore has become an unpopular move among U.S. voters.

And according to the Fox News reporter’s statements, it is for this reason that they have sent Kamala Harris to visit Central America, with the sole purpose of pretending that she is trying to fix the situation. What is she really going to do? Here is the most serious accusation made by Carlson:

“Harris flew to Guatemala, to unveil her policy to address the crisis. What is it? In a word, the plan is bribery. The administration plans to spend billions of dollars to pay Latin America’s poor not to move to the United States.”  

The hegemonic globalist propaganda media such as CNN celebrated the news as if it were truly a milestone in Central American history. 

“Kamala Harris’ visit to Central America signals a new chapter,” CNN reported in a headline this morning. But reality shows that there is absolutely nothing innovative about this type of policy. Rather, it is what liberal governments have been implementing to no avail, either in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

Six years ago, as Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden announced what he called “A Plan for Central America” in the New York Times.

The proposal then was exactly the same as it is now, Carlson says: send billions of dollars to governments with high levels of corruption in exchange for their citizens no longer showing up at the U.S. southern border.

The result was always lousy. That aid never reached the people it was supposed to help, so the structural problem of poverty in Central America was not solved and only served to further enrich corrupt sectors of the governments that survive thanks to the poverty levels in their countries.

During the last 10 years, Guatemala alone has received more than $1.5 billion from U.S. taxpayers. Yet poverty and malnutrition in Guatemala have increased to unprecedented levels. 

But of course, this whole circus is functional for the politicians responsible for this catastrophe because they can give the image that the government is actually doing things to improve the situation when in reality, the countries continue to get poorer. Their citizens continue to escape from misery to look for a better place in the United States. 

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