Journalist Joy Reid, host of the MSNBC network, has a long and well-documented history of broadcasting fake news. 

Joy Reid was until recently a prominent weekend morning host, but the sudden resignation of Chris Matthews from the network opened the door for Reid to become the new host of the 7 p.m. slot. This makes her the first woman of color to host a news show on MSNBC’s prime time.

The decision to put Joy Reid on prime time seems a bit provocative on the part of MSNBC, given the host’s history of broadcasting false or inaccurate news. 

The Daily Caller News compiled corrections of these misleading, conspiratorial and misinformation stories:

Reid falsely accused Trump’s supporters of calling a teenager a “dirty Mexican”

A photo of a woman and a teenager discussing a policy proposal circulated virally, Reid was one of those who spread an image on Twitter and added a false claim that the woman had called the teenager a “dirty Mexican.”

Reid also posted the photo on Instagram with the subtitle: “She came forward to unite to defend immigrants. . . She also showed up, wearing her MAGA hat, and shouted, “You’ll be the first one deported. “You dirty Mexican!”

The surprise was that both the woman and the 14-year-old boy denied  Reid’s explanation of the events.

Reid spread false rumors about Trump’s campaign, claiming that black actors had been hired

In August 2017, Reid broadcast on her Twitter account claiming that current President Donald Trump had hired black actors for a campaign rally in his favor, without presenting any support for his side. The tweet had more than 13,000 retweets and was later removed. 

Reid falsely claimed that Covington Catholic students harassed Nathan Phillips

In June 2019, during her program, Reid falsely claimed that students at Covington Catholic High School had “harassed” longtime American Indian activist Nathan Phillips during a demonstration.

But it turned out that Phillips’s version of the story, that the students had harassed him, was wrong. The full-length version of the video showed that Phillips approached the students during the students’ school cheers and not the other way around. And some of the people accompanying Phillips directed racially charged language at the students, not the other way around as the video showed.

Reid presented Muller’s final report as “seeds of a coverup”

Reid, in March 2019, said the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller could be part of a “coverup” to help President Trump. she presented no evidence to that claim.

Reid presented false news about false news

Using a confusing play on words and statistics, Reid spread a discredited piece of false news, claiming that it would have influenced voters before the 2016 election in favor of presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

False information to defend aberrant publications on his blog

Reid resorted to spreading misinformation to defend herself after her old and controversial blog posts resurfaced. In addition to promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories, Reid spread anti-gay slurs and defamed politicians and judges, blog post archives showed.

Initially, Reid claimed the posts had been hacked and claimed to have evidence to prove it. She also said the FBI was investigating the case. When her explanation of piracy fell apart, Reid admitted that it had not been pirated and that she had actually written the posts.

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