President Joe Biden is leading an initiative to impose four more years of free government education, including two years of preschool and two more years of higher education. However, critics point out that the underlying goal is to extend the time children are exposed to leftist and anti-American ideologies, which abound in public educational institutions. 

During a speech in Illinois at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, President Biden promoted his infrastructure proposal that includes, among other things, the American Family Plan. A plan that in turn would hide an extraordinary budget item aimed at extending the years of free education.

“The fact of the matter is, we believe we should have a minimum of 14 years of education,” Biden said during his speech.

He then went on to say, “I want to guarantee an additional four years of public education for every person in America, starting with providing two years of universal, high quality preschool for three and four-year-olds.”

“And then I want to add two years of free community college for everyone,” Biden said. “We can afford it,” he assured.

Biden praised the current 12-year education system for driving U.S. economic growth for nearly a century. But, he emphasized, that system may no longer be sufficient as a foundation for future prosperity, so he suggested increasing the number of years.

According to the argument used by the advocates of Biden’s plan, a high school diploma is no longer sufficient to be competitive in the labor market and to be able to remain in the middle class. More years of schooling would better prepare young people to compete in an increasingly demanding market in this context.

Biden’s proposal to increase the amount of time children and young adults spend in public schools comes as Critical Race Theory (CRT) and leftist ideologies linked to the LGBT movements are causing controversy across the country. Teachers’ unions are promoting Marxist-based narratives seeking to divide people into “oppressors and oppressed” on the basis of race and sexual orientation.

Recently the National Education Association (NEA) has moved to openly promote the teaching of CRT in public schools and to oppose any ban on the instruction of Marxist ideology and the widely discredited “New York Times Project 1619.”

As TheBL reported in early July, the National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest union association resolved to “investigate organizations that attack educators.” And it adopted a measure designed to thwart any initiatives that target so-called “anti-racist” education or Critical Race Theory (CRT), which critics have described as a form of “Neo-racism.”

“The NEA will investigate organizations that attack educators doing anti-racist work and/or use research already conducted and develop a list of resources and recommendations for state affiliates, locals, and individual educators to use when attacked,” reads the NEA’s official website. 

When the news broke, criticism began to pour in, since the statement implies that NEA will carry out a kind of persecution or “witch hunt” of those who think differently on the issue of racism. 

In this context, Biden announces that he intends to expand the education of young people under these ideologically charged educational programs. Yet, most parents send their children to school to prepare them to obtain good jobs and not learn Marxist ideology.

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