Jobs, the economy, and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus are the top election issues for Americans, more so than racial issues and law and order, according to an America First Priorities (AFP) poll.

Twenty percent of those surveyed gave priority to jobs and the economy, the most important issues handled by Trump, while 3 to 4 percent mentioned “maintaining law and order” and “stopping racial injustice” as the most important, according to the Daily Caller on Sept. 1.

Likewise, 23 percent of Independent voters align themselves more closely with the Republicans than with the Democrats, by giving more importance to jobs and the economy than to racial injustice, the issue promoted by Biden; only 2 percent gave priority to the latter.

When asked “Do you have more confidence in rebuilding the economy after the CCP pandemic,” 50 percent of Republicans answered yes. In comparison, 42 percent of Democrats answered yes, with a difference of 8 percent in favor of the former.

Another aspect evaluated was: who was to blame for the collapse of negotiations on a second stimulus package for the CCP Virus, with 43 percent of participants blaming the Democrats, and 26 percent blaming the Republicans.

A higher percentage of those who blamed the Democrats for exacerbating the “increase in violent crime, poverty, homelessness, and civil unrest that we are currently witnessing in these cities” than those who blamed the Republicans for these events.

Also, 51 percent of those surveyed responded, “These protests have stopped being about racial injustice and have become violent riots by people who hate America and want to tear down our government and radically change American culture,” according to the results obtained by American First Policies (AFP).

AFP is a nonprofit group that supports the re-election of President Donald Trump and conducted the survey for the internal affairs of the Trump campaign.

After the Republicans and Democrats held their national conventions, they refocused their strategies.

Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager, said on Sept. 1, “We’ve polled their policies, they’ve polled their policies—the dirty secret is that these radical policies are super unpopular among blue-collar, and middle-class Americans,” according to Fox News.

Stepien also drew a parallel between the two conventions saying that a Republican “makes people feel good about America” and a Democrat tries “to make Americans feel bad about America.”

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