A proposal was addressed to the federal government that employees 2 million workers. The president urged the government to “better recognize the talents and competencies of all Americans it hires.”

In June, President Trump signed an executive order, prompting the federal government to reconsider the old forms of titled-based hiring, proposing to shift the system to a skills assessment. The idea that when selecting personnel, notwithstanding where the person studied but their actual skills and knowledge.

Although, as we read in the executive order, it does not necessarily eliminate the degree requirements, it does encourage the assessment of skill sets for the type of work required.

Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s oldest daughter and his senior adviser, is one of the great promoters of this initiative.

In a dialogue with Fox News, she explained how new hiring methods are working to modernize the government’s work system. 

According to Ivanka Trump, the first thing that was done was to review the requirements of each job position to identify the knowledge, skills, and competencies relevant to each job. This was something that had not been updated for 50 years. 

This information should make it possible to conduct job searches no longer based on the requirements for holding a university degree from such and such a place, but based on the actual skills of the person being evaluated, regardless of the degrees held. 

The aim of the program would be to extend opportunities to two-thirds of the population with disproportionately low incomes and no university degrees, but with real and specific skills that were overlooked in the previous model.

During the interview, she repeatedly stressed that those with university degrees will not be left out of the selections by any means. It will simply no longer be an exclusive condition to possess it.

Ivanka Trump also mentioned the private sector, which she encouraged to examine its recruitment methods in order to improve and modernize recruitment, hiring and training practices. 

The Workforce Advisory Board is even expected to announce details of a private sector nonprofit advertising campaign led by Apple, IBM, and the Advertising Council as a way to encourage alternative avenues in the search for a workforce in addition to education.

Shee concluded the interview by stating, “We recognize that skills are the currency of the future job market and believe this will help expand opportunities for all Americans.”


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