Rev. Johnnie Moore was sanctioned last Wednesday by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for his role in denouncing the lack of freedom of belief in China. Moore served as commissioner of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) during former President Trump’s administration.

The reverend used his Twitter account to respond to the Beijing regime:

“Honored to be sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party for giving my voice to Uyghur Muslims, Christians (including Jimmy Lai), Tibetan Buddhists and countless others that the CCP tries to silence every day.”

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the CCP, stated at a press conference that the decision was “in response to the U.S. side’s blatant efforts to promote heretical religions and impose unilateral sanctions on Chinese personnel based on lies and false information.”

However, evidence of genocide against Uyghurs in Xinjiang, against Falun Dafa practitioners and house Christians, is abundant and documented by different independent human rights organizations.

The CCP is globally recognized as one of the most authoritarian regimes whose record of human rights violations and abuses is the worst in recent history.

The website reported on April 29 that a Falun Dafa practitioner was arrested and sentenced to three and a half years in prison for sharing a QR code with his acquaintances. The QR code allowed them to download an application to access uncensored news channels where Chinese people can read critical information that the government does not allow them to read.

Peng Biao’s “crime” was “using a cult organization to undermine law enforcement,” a pretext used by the authorities to imprison Falun Dafa practitioners and believers of other religions arbitrarily. However, Falun Dafa nor Christianity specifically are officially listed as a cult in China.

According to, a news site that receives first-hand information from China. Once practitioners are arrested, in order to “transform” them—the CCP forces them to sign a document promising to renounce their faith—they torture them, or use their family members, force their spouses to divorce, get them fired from their jobs, or have their children kicked out of school, involving anything that might harm the person.

Many practitioners, to avoid persecution, have to live far from home, leave their families and work sporadically from place to place to avoid being traced.

House Christians, a denomination given to those faithful who genuinely follow traditional Christian teachings and to do so, meet ‘clandestinely’ in their homes to study the Bible, are also arrested “for reading” the Bible and sentenced to prison.

Being a member of the United Nations, China has “freedom of religion” officially incorporated in its constitution and has a “patriotic church” armed by the CCP as a smokescreen for the supposed freedom of religion.

No laws prohibit these beliefs, but in practice, the CCP remains an atheistic and totalitarian regime whose main objective is to destroy faith in God.

Rev. Johnnie Moore also referred to the growing international demand that the CCP be held accountable for covering up the virus’s origin.

“The CCP doesn’t understand the difference between ‘the truth’ and a ‘lie’ but here’s some truth we know: they are weaker than they want us to believe that they are. A global coalition is building to hold them to account and it transcends political parties and U.S. administrations. This Great Wall of Collaboration is a promise to future generations that we will not hand our world to the CCP to victimize the innocent as they please.”

During his tenure as USCIRF commissioner Moore lobbied the U.S. State Department to keep China on the list of ‘countries of special concern’ for its ongoing human rights violations, including its seizure of power over Hong Kong Island.

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