The Democrat Nancy Pelosi, since 2019, has been serving as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and could leave office after the mid-term elections in 2022. This has caused a real stir within the party, and disputes have already begun between the radical left and more conservative sectors.

The House of Representatives is preparing for a change of leadership, which could imply a total break in the structure of the Democratic party. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s political career is coming to an end and, according to the Washington Post, maneuvers to replace her have already begun to unfold within the party.

Democrats on the far left and those more associated with the center are reportedly already engaged in a series of spats to prepare the ground for an eventual vacancy in the House Speakership.

As reported by the Post, Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York is the leading candidate to become the next Democratic leader, but the jockeying for power has only just begun.

Democrats in the House are divided between those loyal to the Biden administration and those on the more radical left who have repeatedly expressed their displeasure with the President for failing to strictly meet their demands, as he had promised during the campaign in many cases.

“Whoever it is, I hope they would adopt progressive positions and also listen to the broad caucus and build consensus,” said far-left Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), who is rumored to be another leading candidate to replace Pelosi.

Establishment Rep. Bradley Schneider (D-Ill.) stressed that the goal of the Speaker’s role has to be to “maintain unity despite differences” within the Democratic party, following Pelosi’s line of thinking.

Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) told the Post that she would like to see a black American as Speaker of the House, thus putting pressure from the left-wing sectors emblazoned with racial equality policies.

Whoever replaces Pelosi will face the daunting task of presiding over the increasingly tense debate over whether the Democrats will be the radical left party or a center-left coalition that can appeal to a broader segment of America as it struggles with an increasingly populist politics that seeks to confront conservatism.

Speculation among various sectors within the Democratic party is based on the promise made by Pelosi in 2018 when she assured that this would be her last term as Speaker.

Since then, she has not made public statements on the matter again, but when consulted, she has not denied it either. 

Pelosi has been a congresswoman since 1987 and, at 81 years of age, has managed to maintain unity within the Democratic Party despite the great divergences. With a certain firm hand, she made homogeneity prevail at the time of key votes, even though some sectors were often not in favor. Although nothing has been confirmed, internally, she is expected to be carrying out the last months of her role as Speaker of the House of Representatives. 

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